Book Cover Design and Interior Page Layout

People DO judge a book by its cover. That’s why it’s so important to have a book cover that grabs attention!

Book buyers are also attracted to professional-looking, easy-to-read interiors. We can wrap your manuscript in a striking design that sells.

Karen Saunders and her talented team of designers and illustrators has designed the covers and/or interiors of 35 books that have become best-sellers or won awards, including the 2005 Writer’s Digest Grand Prize winner for the best self-published book in America.

“There is not a week that goes by that I don't get compliments on my book cover. Sell Yourself! has been a best seller from the start, and MacGraphics' outstanding cover had everything to do with that. It's a joy to work with Karen Saunders who offers so much design skill and expertise.”

—Fred Burns, author
Sell Yourself! 501 Ways to Get Them to Buy From You

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“Karen put the feeling I wanted into the design. I appreciated how easy it was to work with her because this was my first book and I needed to be walked through the design and production process.”

—Elaine Dumler, author, I'm Already Home and I'm Already Home . . . Again

We design eye-catching book covers for any size book — paperback, hardcover, or dust jacket! We also create covers for CDs, DVDs and other packages.

Book Interior Page Layout

Your book needs to look professional on the inside too. Click the links below to see a few sample pages from book interiors designed by MacGraphics Services. (Click here if you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these PDFs.)

We would love to talk about creating a design for your book. Click the Contact Us button or call Karen directly at 888-796-7300 to learn more.

Sample Book Cover Designs

Take a look at two pages of cover designs, many of which are award winners. Click the image to see a larger view.

Click here to see more covers >>

“Known for her patience, professional knowledge and attention to detail, Karen Saunders and her work is much sought after by writers of all genres. That is why I chose her to design my own book. I am pleased with the sophisticated page layout that matches my vision of a quality coffee-table book. Above all, I have appreciated her listening skills and her willingness to meet the author's challenge to design the best book possible.”

—Dr. P.D. Sargent, author
The Maltese Crossing: Love, Loss, and Lessons of Compassion


The Yellow Brick Road Map to the Book Production Process

Are you publishing your first book? Congratulations! Would you like a road map to show you the steps to go from manuscript to a professional, printed book or ebook listed on Amazon?

Over the years of designing books for independent publishers, I've recognized first-time publishers could use a quick reference guide on time frames, tasks they are responsible for, and how to work with contractors such as editors, designers and printers.

I created an easy-to-follow 10-page guide with checklists of action items, standard time frames, an overview of the design process, and where to obtain important items (such as ISBN and LCCN numbers) on the Internet. This guide will help you become familiar with your role as the general contractor; what to do yourself, and when you should consider hiring a subcontractor. I also have links to important websites you need to access during the publishing process.

Learn how to save time and money, in what order to do certain tasks, what to avoid, and what you absolutely must never forget to do if you want a professional book.

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Do you know what to include in your book media kit?

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Learn How to Create a Best-selling Book Design from the Inside Out — A Free eCourse

Congratulations on your decision to publish! This mini-eCourse will help you get started on the right track. If you plan to hire a book or cover designer, this information will help you understand the process and terminology better. If you plan to design your book interior yourself, you will find my tips and techniques helpful.

What should you expect from this mini-eCourse?

This eCourse consists of 5 emails that will come to you automatically, spaced 2 days apart. Each email is one lesson concentrating on one specific topic of book design. There are no pop quizzes, tests or essays in this eCourse. So just relax, read online or print out the lessons at your leisure and absorb the information. You can opt/out anytime—see the link at the end of each lesson.

Topics covered in this eCourse:

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“In most courses about book publishing, essential graphic elements are never discussed in detail . . . until now. I can much more easily understand what questions to ask printers and designers, and which elements make critical differences in the design process. Karen's eCourse also shows me how to avoid costly printing mistakes by using proper file formats.”

—Barbara McNichol, writer, editor
Barbara McNichol Editorial Services